Fillerina Crescina Hfsc 100% 1300 Man stimulates physiological hair growth.

Fillerina Crescina Hfsc 100% 1300 Man 10ampules

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Hair-growth treatment for high grades of hair thinning and thinned hair scalp

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Crescina Hfsc 1300 is a cosmetic product for use in the scalp. It contains the patented formula Crescina Re-Growth (Cysteine, Lysine, Glycoprotein & Stem-Engine), which stimulates physiological hair growth. The formulation will gradually and continuously be absorbed into the scalp. Special formula suitable for women and men. Suitable for moderate to severe hair thinning / hair loss.
Recommended in conditions of thin hair and hair loss that may be due to physiological and non pathological causes. No effect on complete loss of hair follicles.

Clinical, double blinded study, randomized and controlled against placebo of 46 subjects (including 23 treated with Crescina HFSC and 23 with placebo). The male test subjects had thin hair similar to Grade II, III vertex and IV on Hamilton-Norwood scale. After 4 months of treatment, all test subjects received positive effects, with a growth score of +7 to +41 new hair in an area of ​​1.8 cm2 (electronic count). The results of the test are statistically significant.

6 300 NEW HAIR: Instrumental analysis (phototrichogram) of hair growth in an area of ​​1 cm² and subsequent calculations on an enlarged area of ​​the entire scalp (approximately 600 cm²) shows an average growth of 6 300 new hairs after 4 months of treatment with Crescina HFSC 100%..

Crescina HFSC has 3 grades (for both men and women) designed on the basis of severity of hair loss.
1) Crescina HFSC 200: For initial grades of hair thinning
2) Crescina HFSC 500: For medium grades of hair thinning
3) Crescina HFSC 1300: For high grades of hair thinning



Each Each CRESCINA vial contains 3.5 mL of the preparation.
It should be used every day for 5 consecutive days followed by break of two days (e.g., the first 5 days of the week)
Each box contains 10 vials, for two weeks' treatment.
A minimum treatment of 2 months is recommended.


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